Revelation and Truth

Revelation 1

(Read Revelation 1)

As we consdier the start of the book of Revelation it is well to remind ourselves of two important facts.

One this is a revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, that is it opens up the truth about who He is, where He is, and what He is actively engaged in at this present time. The angels that are used and the Apostle John are but the mediums that bring these things to our attention.

Secondly that the number seven plays a large part in this book, for example seven churches, seven trumpets etc. Numbers in the Bible have a great spiritual meaning, seven indicates normally completeness (some would add perfect), seven days in the week, seven basic notes in music are example of this picture. So we have seven churches a complete picture of the entire church in any given period of time.

Written by G. Stoves Sep 2, 2020