Why Revelation?

Revelation 1

(Read Revelation 1)

Why Revelations? Someone once called this “A Tract For Hard Times”.

To those who are spiritually minded, it is obvious that here in this land things are becoming harder for Christians to live their faith and to proclaim their faith,so that many are growing nervous and concerned. In days like these we need to read and study this book. Why?

First it reveals the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. The book opens with the statement “ The Revelation of Jesus Christ”, therefor it focus’s our attention, not on this world and its difficulties, but on The Lamb of God who was slain and is risen and alive and active in heaven and through the Holy Spirit on earth, and leads us to know we are on the side that gains the final victory, and therefore builds and strengthens us to face all the difficulties of the end times (Isaiah 43:2).

We continue the theme of reasons to study the book of Revelations. Strangely however the next is possibly a reason not to read and study this wonderful book. Much Bible study, aided by the Spirit, is required to understand this amazing book.

It stands at the end, the last book in the Bible but it does not stand alone, researchers have calculated that there are 404 verses of which 278 are a reference from the Old Testament, there are 50 from the book of Daniel alone, and in the first chapter of Revelation there is at least 5 books alluded to, for example Revelation 1:1, a reference from Exodus 19:6 a second example is found in Isaiah 40:5 is linked to Revelation 1:7. So the importance and challenge to us all is to become familiar with the whole council of God, the Bible.

Written by G. Stoves Aug 12, 2020