A Direct Prophetic Revelation

Revelation 1

(Read Revelation 1)

Revelation is unusual, for unlike most of the New Testament books it is not in the form of a letter. It is however, like all of the rest of the Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Are you aware that behind every bible book author there is the hand of the third person of the Trinity?

This great difference, appears from the opening verses, that it brought from, if I may use the phrase, a more direct approach. It involves an angelic messenger (Revelation 1:1) who occurs in many places throughout the whole book. While it is not a letter as such it does contain seven letters and is the only prophetic book in the New Testament that is a direct prophetic revelation from God. The Greek word translated Revelation means a drawing back of curtains and the revealing what is hidden there and is now available for all who time and care to look.

Written by G. Stoves Aug 26, 2020