The fourth vision of Zechariah

Zechariah 3

(Read Zechariah 3)

Through Zechariah 3:1-10 we have recorded the vision of Joshua before the angel of Jehovah

​This vision starts with a court room scene with the judge being the Angel of Jehovah and before him stands the accused, Joshua the High Priest. He, Joshua, is of course there as the spiritual head or representative of the nation and he is confronted by Satan. The Lord rebukes Satan and puts him in his place saying I have chosen Jerusalem and the Jewish People. This is sufficient reason to snatch them as a brand from the burning fire however unsightly they may well be. God has chosen them. Joshua stands before the judge in filthy clothes which is indicative of the people’s sin (cf Isaiah 64:6) but God removes the garments and in doing this he removes the sin they represent (Rom 8:33). Joshua is reclothed in garments of righteousness and given a fair mitre; the headdress of princes indicating that the people are now forgiven and the High Priest Office as an effective means of communion with God is restored in his sight.

There is of course God’s usual and perfectly correct instruction for them to be obedient with a promise of blessing if they do obey. There is also contained here the promise of the Messiah who will restore all things; he will completely remove iniquity. The ‘stone laid’ and ‘upon the stone seven eyes’ are again a reference to the Messiah (Isaiah 28:16) and the seven eyes could be referring to his omniscience, or, as a certain Jewish Commentator explains this phrase, the eyes are looking upon the stone and therefore would suggest that all eyes are upon him, admiring his beauty and glory.

​The whole portion is to encourage the people of Jerusalem, by demonstrating to them how that God would restore their religious position as a Holy People by removing their sin and imputing to them his own righteousness; this was to be fulfilled [but only in part] in Joshua their representative and thus restore their faith in the Temple Worship. This would, of course, come perfectly through the excellent offices of the Messiah who would be omniscient. He would restore everything to surpass their former glory and under his guidance everyone would prosper and all would show kindness and truly; Israel would be blessed indeed.

Written by G. Stoves Jun 6, 2019