The fifth vision of Zechariah

Zechariah 4

(Read Zechariah 4)

Through Zechariah 4:1-14 we have recorded the vision of the Golden Candlestick.

In this vision Zechariah sees a golden candlestick with seven lamps. This takes us back in time to Israel’s early days and to the candlestick found in the Holy place of the tabernacle with its representation of the Holy Spirit of God. Note the reinforcement of Zechariah 4:6 “not by might or by power but by my Spirit says the The Lord of Hosts.” This would of course be an emblem of Israel’s restoration of religious or ecclesiastic position as a lamp of witness to their God among the nations.

The two olive trees – the anointed of the Lord would in this context refer to Zerubbabel and Joshua, the religious and civil leaders of Israel, the instruments of God who help keep the lamps burning. ​So in this vision God seeks to restore full confidence in the priesthood and Temple worship.

The previous vision showed God dealing with moral evil and once this is dealt with he now shows them that the candlestick is restored to its place. A spiritual religious leader and a just civil leader, aided by God, this would continue as a spiritual blessing to Israel. On a higher plane, the candlestick speaking of the perfect work of the Spirit in his relationship to Christ was achieved in Christ, our high priest and King.

Written by G. Stoves Jun 13, 2019