Psalm 52

Psalm 52

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The language the Psalmist uses describes the character and practices of the wicked man, wicked being a simple definition of the person, who lives his life without respect to God or the word. The writer’s tone reminds me very much of Paul’s second letter to Timothy where in chapter three he indicates the conditions that will prevail in the last days before Christ’s return and God acts in judgement.

There is a great list of the activities of humanity seeking to fill lives with things that help to give meaning for life. The deeds listed are very much like the Psalmist’s, including men being lovers of pleasure rather than being lovers of God. Forgetting that the word of God reminds us that one day everyone will be called to judgement.

‘Everyone must die once, and after that be judged by God.’ Hebrews 9:27

Written by G. Stoves May 18, 2017