Psalm 36

Psalm 36

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One of my favourite sayings is ‘Some things never seem to change’. The first few verses of this Psalm bears this thought out.

The attitude of the ungodly as expressed here, we can see and hear almost everyday. No fear of God, they live as if there is no life after death, they express the thoughts of their minds with almost every word of blasphemy that flows from their thoughtless tongues.

Their actions declare their foolishness, they refuse to believe in a Creator God, and instead embrace the lie of the Satan we have evolved. The people quite happily enjoy blatant immorality calling these to be good. Isaiah 5:20. We, who have through faith become committed Christians, have not just seen the light, but we live in the light and the light is in us. We understand all things, for anyone trying to read in the dark world will miss everything, but being in the light we can see and learn. Things today are very similar to David’s experience.

Written by G. Stoves Jan 26, 2017