Psalm 8

Psalm 8

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This is a great song of worship extolling the greatness of God. The opening phrase is heart lifting and a perfect expression of worship. How majestic is your name in all the Earth. In the Old Testament the name of a person describes the character of the person. So the Psalmist expresses his devotion to all that God is and ascribes Majesty to all that God is. Here it is not a question of rejoicing in what God has but expressing worship for who He is.

His worship lifts the writer to such a high level he ponders the miracle of God’s creation of man. This raises his awe to a very high level for God not only created man but also created him in his own image, created him just a little lower than God Himself but created man for the purpose of enjoying a satisfying relationship that we might enjoy fellowship with this great majestic God.

This ought to cause our hearts to rejoice in the greatness of the privilege given to us especially to those of us who believe.

Written by G. Stoves Jul 15, 2016