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Bible teaching podcast from Gospel Outreach International.

Bible teaching from Gospel Outreach International, Telling the world about Jesus Christ.

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Bible teaching from Gospel Outreach International, Telling the world about Jesus Christ. Join us on a journey to uncover the essence of the Good News and its relevance in our modern world.

The home at Zarepath

2024-07-04 1 Kings 17:8-16

The Lord has made provision for Elijah. Not only miraculously for his needs but also so the Lord can provide for others.

The Hiding Place

2024-06-21 1 Kings 17:2-7

As Elijah's predicted drought occurs the Lord provides.

The Man and Ministry

2024-06-07 1 Kings 16:28-17:1

At the start of this Bible study series we meet a king but this king has provoked the Lord. Consequently it is not this king but another who makes a brave stand.

New Leader

2024-05-24 Acts 2:14-47

We consider Peter's compelling declarations about Jesus Christ. Explore with us as we delve into Peter's powerful assertions regarding Christ's identity, significance, and the transformative impact on the early Christian community, sparking insightful discussions that illuminate the foundation of our faith.

New Authority

2024-05-10 Acts 2:1-13

Get ready to explore Acts 2:1-13 with us it's a wild ride into the incredible story of Pentecost! Discover the amazing events and the awesome power of the Holy Spirit revealed in these verses!

New Apostle?

2024-04-26 Acts 1:12-26

Step into a captivating study of Acts 1:12-26, delving into the intricate journey of the disciples following Jesus' ascension. Engage with us as we explore the depth of Scripture, uncovering the significance of this passage in the context of the early Christian community and the selection of Matthias.

New Start

2024-04-12 Acts 1:1-11

Join us in a thought-provoking study of Acts 1:1-11, where we delve into the profound account of Jesus' life and ascension. Discover the depth of Scripture and the remarkable narrative of faith encapsulated within these verses as we explore together.

Dead and Buried

2024-03-29 Luke 23:32-56

Join our Bible study, where we reflect on the solemn moments surrounding Jesus' death and burial. In this passage, we discover a promise to an individual that transcends even death, offering us hope and redemption that continues to resonate in our lives today.

It is one of the most horrific scenes in all of history, but it's also one of the most glorious scenes in all of history.

Crucify him!

2024-03-15 Luke 23:1-31

Join us for a thought-provoking Bible study on Luke 23:1-31, as we delve into the significant moment when Jesus is brought before the authorities and observe His unwavering control, even in the face of the crowd's cry to crucify Him. Consider the dynamics of power and justice in this critical passage from the Gospel of Luke.

If they didn't do it, they would get the point of the spear in a very uncomfortable place.

The Vision of Christ

2024-02-16 Revelation 1:9-20

Take your shoes from off your feet as we stand on holy ground.

The portrait of Christ and the position of Christ. The presence of Christ and the proclamation of Christ.

The Glory of Christ

2024-02-02 Revelation 1:4-8

One like the son of man, the glory of Christ seen, this is King Jesus.

A complete picture of the true church at any given point of time in history.

The Wonder of Christ

2024-01-19 Revelation 1:5

Here we consider the wonder of Christ, who he is and what he has done.

It's something that God wants all his children to know.

Blessed is he

2024-01-05 Revelation 1:3

Is there a more difficult book to study than Revelation?

We journey into the deep things of God when we start studying Revelation.

The nativity God's message.

2023-12-22 Luke 2:15

Starting with Psam 2 what's the reason for the season? Not only does God speak he acts. Join us as we hear God's message that all can be made better.

The shepherds and their message.

2023-12-15 Luke 2:11

On a hill side outside of Bethlehem one imagines a fairly normal evening was underway when suddenly a heavenly host disrupted everything! Join us to hear the message that changes everything!

The Magi and their message.

2023-12-08 Matthew 2:11

The Good news of the Gospel is for all people and the visit of the Magi from far afield shows us that God works to bring his Good news to all he chooses. Join us as we journey to the nativity.

The Promise of the Resurrection

2023-12-01 John 14:19

Numbers of people have sought to prove that the resurrection is myth. But many have found their studies lead them to the truth that Jesus lives.

The Power of the Cross

2023-11-24 1 Corinthians 1:23-25

So many people have looked at the cross and seen weakness and failure. But those who truly believe in it see the power of the cross and its success.

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