This Jesus

GOI Tuesday Bible Study

...this Jesus, delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men. Acts 2:23

In the book of Acts, Jesus is preached as the crucified and risen Messiah, whose death and resurrection bring forgiveness of sins and salvation to all who believe in him. Join us in bible study as we consider what this means for us today.

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Join us in bible study as we consider the emergence of the church. The apostles proclaim the transformative power of Jesus' name, calling people to repentance, baptism, and faith in him as the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecies and the source of eternal life. So what should we do?

Upcoming Studies

Everything Changed

5 December 2023 - Luke 24:1-35

Join our Bible study on Luke 24, where we delve into the compelling narrative of Jesus' resurrection and His encounters with His disciples. As we explore these remarkable events, we'll ponder the question: Is this story truly believable, and what does it mean for our faith today?

Online GOI Bible Studies

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New Start

16 January 2024 - Acts 1:1-11

Join us in a thought-provoking study of Acts 1:1-11, where we delve into the profound account of Jesus' life and ascension. Discover the depth of Scripture and the remarkable narrative of faith encapsulated within these verses as we explore together.

Previous Studies

By what authority?

3 October 2023 - Luke 20:1-26

The religious leaders questioned Jesus' authority. This prompts us to explore the source and nature of Jesus' authority, shedding light on the foundations of his teachings and mission.

Many questions?

17 October 2023 - Luke 20:27-47

From talking about resurrection to who's really in charge, we'll see how Jesus' answers tell us about the future, God and discipleship.

In the Future

24 October 2023 - Luke 21:1-37

Through Jesus' teachings on signs, tribulations, and steadfastness, we'll uncover valuable insights into how to navigate uncertainty and strengthen our faith in times to come.

With the twelve

7 November 2023 - Luke 22:1-30

Jesus gathers with his twelve disciples for the Last Supper, where he institutes communion. He also foretells Peter's denial, highlighting the unique bond between Jesus and his twelve chosen followers.


14 November 2023 - Luke 22:31-71

Join our Bible study delving into Luke 22, where we'll uncover the profound events leading to the betrayal of Jesus. Explore the lessons and insights that emerge from this pivotal moment in Christ's journey, and discover how they relate to our own lives today.

Crucify him!

21 November 2023 - Luke 23:1-31

Join us for a thought-provoking Bible study on Luke 23:1-31, as we delve into the significant moment when Jesus is brought before the authorities and observe His unwavering control, even in the face of the crowd's cry to crucify Him. Consider the dynamics of power and justice in this critical passage from the Gospel of Luke.

Dead and Buried

28 November 2023 - Luke 23:32-56

Join our Bible study, where we reflect on the solemn moments surrounding Jesus' death and burial. In this passage, we discover a promise to an individual that transcends even death, offering us hope and redemption that continues to resonate in our lives today.

GOI online bible studies are a free way of learning more about the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Come and ask questions and discuss how the life of Jesus changes everything.

Questions are always welcome at online bible studies as we look to answer big questions using the bible as our guide and the life of Jesus as our example. In this series we look to learn more about the story of redemption and the reason why the Son of God, Jesus, came to die.

The free online Bible studies currently happen on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the evening London time. All are welcome please contact us for details about how to attend online.

Online GOI Bible Studies

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