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Free and online. Hear the reason for the season!

GOI online bible studies are a free way of learning more about the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Come and ask questions and discuss how the life of Jesus changes everything.

Questions are always welcome at online bible studies as we look to answer big questions using the bible as our guide and the life of Jesus as our example. In this festive season we look to learn more about the story of redemption and the reason why the Son of God, Jesus, came to die.

The free online Bible studies currently happen on Tuesday and Thursday 8:15 London time. All are welcome please contact us for details about how to attend online.

Tuesdays: The Route to Christmas

As we prepare for Christmas let's make sure we're heading for the right destination.

Journeys, at Christmas, take us places and the directions we follow either get us to our destination or result in disaster. Join us as we study the Bible and journey to the truth of Christmas.

Many journeys lead us to the shops for gifts and supplies for the festive season and it's important that we don't forget the gifts we need. Join us in Bible study as we journey to find the eternal gift.

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Thursdays: Behind the tinsel

What is Christmas all about? Let's look closely to see the reason for the season.

As we start to put up the decorations and prepare to celebrate the festive season do we ever wonder what was really happening all those years ago. Join us in Bible study as we peer behind the tinsel.

We may think that that Christmas with all its decorations and gifts is just about festivity but the Bible explains what God was doing. Join us as we study the impact the nativity has on eternity.

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2020 Series Christmas Greetings

Seasons greetings to all but don’t miss the big news. It is time to seek the savior!

It’s great to give and receive Christmas greetings but what is the message of Christmas? Listen to the bible study we consider the messages of the witnessess to the first Christmas.

The bible tell us that the very first Christmas featured many people giving and receiving greetings. Listen to the bible study as we explore the Christmas story and find the real message of Christmas.

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Online GOI Bible Studies

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