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About GOI

Gospel Outreach International (GOI) is an interdenominational mission looking to spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Focused and based within the North East of England, GOI look to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and guide individuals to personal salvation through Jesus Christ.

GOI offers Bible Studies, Church Planting, Teaching, Village Campaigns and Tent Missions within the North East of England and overseas.

Bible Studies and prayer meetings take place at various locations, including a prayer week in May.

Tent and Church Missions take place during the months of July and August for children (5-11) in the afternoons and for adults in the evenings.

GOI also hold other church based missions during other school holidays throughout the year.

The GOI Evangelist is also involved supporting Mission Teams internationally, most recently in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and in Zambia.

For more information please contact GOI.

Events GOI

Online Bible Study

While the ongoing restrctions are in place GOI is holding a series of bible studies, seeking to explore the good news of the gospel and help belivers growing in their love of the Lord Jesus Christ. All are welcome.

If you would ike to attend please email biblestudyonline@goi.org.uk for more details.

Coronavirus Update

Due to U.K. Government recommendations the Caravan Site at South Shields has been closed until further notice. Also, to reduce interactions and any spread between people, meetings of more than 2 persons are not recommended, the Community Centre at Hamsteels is closed, so the Holiday Club is unlikely to take place.

The Parish Council at Pity Me have also requested that we postpone the Tent Mission this year.

In these difficult times please consdier Psalm 46:10-11.

Bible Reflections from GOI

Zechariah A Review of the Visions

(Read Zechariah 6)

​​These then are the eight visions given to Zechariah for the people of Jerusalem to encourage them in their task of rebuilding the Temple. They follow a simple pattern. ​​ ​​The first three visions brought them promises of future blessing, then the next two contained a promise of the restoration and return to a spiritual religious and civil leadership under God’s guidance. The sixth and seventh visions came with promises to remove moral and spiritual disorders once and for all. Finally the eighth vision provided them with the promise that no matter what delays were met through mans poor communications, no matter what difficulties were put in their way by their enemies, God was still in control of the situation and working on their behalf they would simply carry on building to the Glory of God.

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