Psalm 48

Psalm 48

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The Psalmist goes into rapturous speech as he contemplates the wonders of his God and the beauties of Jerusalem, the chosen earthly dwelling place of God.

For the Christian we have a greater more magnificent dwelling place that we can rejoice in which is the heavenly Jerusalem. This for every believer is the father’s house that reflects all the wonderful majesty, glory, power and holiness; indeed it shows every wonderful aspect of who He is. In this most magnificent of places there is an amazing dwelling place for every disciple, that is the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ.

G R Crow in his book on Revelations comments ‘with what heavenly beauty that new world will be adorned, it is impossible to clearly conceive’ but it is God’s home and the future home of every Christian.

Written by G. Stoves Apr 20, 2017