Revelation of Jesus GOI Bible Study

Jesus, King Jesus, Saviour Jesus, the head of the church, The I Am.

Revelation chapter one unveils a vivid portrayal of Jesus Christ, the exalted Son of God, as he appears in a radiant glory, declaring his eternal sovereignty over all creation. As we encounter this awe-inspiring vision, a question arises: How does this revelation of Jesus transform our understanding of his divinity and the destiny of mankind?

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Jesus reveals himself, in Revelation chapter one, leaving no room for doubt about his divine identity. What does it mean for us to encounter the "I am" in our own lives, and how does it shape our understanding of who Jesus truly is?

Blessed is he

2023-03-08 Revelation 1:3

Is there a more difficult book to study than Revelation?

We journey into the deep things of God when we start studying Revelation.

The Wonder of Christ

2023-03-15 Revelation 1:5

Here we consider the wonder of Christ, who he is and what he has done.

It's something that God wants all his children to know.

The Glory of Christ

2023-03-22 Revelation 1:4-8

One like the son of man, the glory of Christ seen, this is King Jesus.

A complete picture of the true church at any given point of time in history.

The Vision of Christ

2023-03-29 Revelation 1:9-20

Take your shoes from off your feet as we stand on holy ground.

The portrait of Christ and the position of Christ. The presence of Christ and the proclamation of Christ.

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