Psalm 67

Psalm 67

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The Psalmist touches a subject that was almost forgotten by the Jews, that the good news of the greatness, goodness and graciousness of God was to be shared with all the nations of the world. It was never intended to be the preserve of the Jews only.

The genealogy of Jesus as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel chapter one reveals how important the gentiles were in, and to, the plans of God. Then in chapter twenty eight he gives the command to his disciples that they were to go unto all the nations of the world and make disciples, baptising them and training them to take the good news to others.

The church today seems to have lost this sense of mission. We need to discover this great truth that the purpose of the church of God is to take the good news to everyone, all tribes, nations and tongues so that God may be glorified in every nation of the world.

Written by G. Stoves Aug 31, 2017