Psalm 65

Psalm 65

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There will be silence before you and praise in Zion

The Psalmist commences this song to his God with an acknowledgement of what, to many of us today, is the forgotten ingredient in worship. Silence in the presence of God. In many churches today our services are filled with noise from the commencement to the close. One author remembers being in a service where there was such a sense of the holy presence of God that a silence filled the place until, to the embarrassment of all, someone struck up a spiritual song and at that point the service went flat.

Sadly we are embarrassed by our silences or perhaps afraid that we might be disturbed by the very presence of the God we profess to worship. The same person also recommended that to spend a period of silent worship before the Lord is one of the most rewarding ways to worship.

Written by G. Stoves Aug 17, 2017