Living Now GOI Thursday Bible Study

And Jesus lifted up his eyes to his disciples, and said: Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Luke 6:20

If we confess that we are disciples of Jesus Christ what kind of a person ought we to be. Join us, in bible study as we consider the sermon on the mount and the radical teaching of Jesus Christ.

These free online bible studies occur on Thursday online on Zoom. All are welcome to attend so please contact us for the details.

The teaching of Jesus is disruptive, radical and transformational and it matters because of the uniqueness of his resurrection from death. Join us in bible study as we consider the teaching of the Son of God about how we should live now.

Upcoming Studies

A Christian's Righteousness 3

13 May 2021 - Matthew 5:31-37

Divorce is a controversial and complex subject and touches the emotions at a deep level. It is not a modern problem, but has been around for many centuries.

Online GOI Bible Studies

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A Christian's Righteousness 4

20 May 2021 - Matthew 5:38-48

Here is one of the most challenging statements that has ever been made as the Lord seeks to teach a very different type of attitude in differing kinds of relationships.

Previous Studies

A Christian's Character 1

8 April 2021 - Matthew 5:1-12

In these days the use of the word blessed would speak to us of luck and chance. In previous generations that word would ascribe an attribute to a person of high character. As we join together to hear what the Lord Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount we focus on what kind of people we normally consider blessed.

A Christian's Character 2

15 April 2021 - Matthew 5:1-12

Last week we considered who we might consider blessed. We follow that up with a study on what might other people expect from us as Christians.

A Christian's Influence

22 April 2021 - Matthew 5:13-16

What kind of influence could the teaching of this sermon have on this hard tough undisciplined world. What lasting good could be done by the meek, the mourners and the merciful.

A Christian's Righteousness 1

29 April 2021 - Matthew 5:17-20

So far The Lord has spoken of the character Christians, also the kind of influence we should have upon the world. He now proceeds to define this in greater detail.

A Christian's Righteousness 2

6 May 2021 - Matthew 5:21-30

The Pharisees had 613 commandments, 248 were - you shall do - and the other 365 were - you shall not. In other words they had one prohibitive commandment for each day of the year, but expected you to keep them every day of the year.

GOI online bible studies are a free way of learning more about the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Come and ask questions and discuss how the life of Jesus changes everything.

Questions are always welcome at online bible studies as we look to answer big questions using the bible as our guide and the life of Jesus as our example. In this series we look to learn more about the story of redemption and the reason why the Son of God, Jesus, came to die.

The free online Bible studies currently happen on Tuesday and Thursday 8:15 London time. All are welcome please contact us for details about how to attend online.

Online GOI Bible Studies

Contact us now for details of online bible studies this week.