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Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; For the Lord God is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation. Isaiah 12:2

In history Isaiah cried out to the people of God the Lord saves. Join us in Bible study as we consider the Lord who saves today.

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The Bible records the prophet Isaiah speaking to the people of God and proclaiming the seriousness of sin. Join us in Bible study as we consider how Jesus Christ is foretold and promised as he who would save.

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Empty Religion

5 October 2021 - Isaiah 1:1-31

God speaks through the prophet Isaiah and proclaims the hope of salvation.

God’s Glory Uncovered

12 October 2021 - Isaiah 2:1-22

In this passage we have a brief look into the future. We learn about some incredible surprises, far more for some than others.

Sowing Wild Grapes

19 October 2021 - Isaiah 5:1-30

Be sure your sins will find you out is a famous saying and can be heard even in today's secular society how do we consider it and its usage.

The holiness of God revealed

2 November 2021 - Isaiah 6:1-13

Isaiah comes face-to-face with the living God, and his reaction, is not what you would expect. Certainly he was a changed man afterwards.

Stand firm or lose all

9 November 2021 - Isaiah 7

How king Ahaz missed a great opportunity to demonstrate his faith, but instead tried to manoeuvre his own way out of his difficulties.

Unto us a child is born

16 November 2021 - Isaiah 8:19-9:7

One of the well known references to those whose heart had been turned away from the true God. The message is God has not forgotten.

The earth will be full of knowledge

23 November 2021 - Isaiah 11:1-12:6

This is one of the most misinterpreted themes in most of modern Christianity yet it is still has a future fulfilment.

Global Pollution

30 November 2021 - Isaiah 24:1-23

Creation groans as judgment fails upon it but is there a hope?

Free Finally

11 January 2022 - Isaiah 25:1-12

This chapter is interesting, up to now there has been much condemnation of Judahs sin. But there is a glimpse of a place of future blessings.

Who do we depend on

18 January 2022 - Isaiah 30:1-18

The failings of God people has not changed over many generations first hot then warm then cold, lapse finally into indifference or antagonism.

An amazing delivery

25 January 2022 - Isaiah 36:1-22-37:35

Sometimes it is easy to be intimidated by some apparent authority or a well presented argument but where should we trust?

Sovereign God and forgotten king

1 February 2022 - Isaiah 38:1-39:38

All of us have experienced something of the wonder of God's grace being active in our lives. But sometimes we need a timely reminder.

Untiring faith in an untiring God

8 February 2022 - Isaiah 40:1-31

The previous 4 chapters dealt with a historical incident which ended with a sober prediction. Now the prophet begins a series of predictions that portend better things.

God's Servant

15 February 2022 - Isaiah 42

The roots of some of Jesus's teaching and saying are to be found in the extraordinary book, his ministry, actions and character are revealed.

Streams in the desert

22 February 2022 - Isaiah 43:1-44:5

Some of us are perhaps not embarrassed to say 'I love you' to our relations, but to express this in public in relation to God is often found difficulty.

Turning to God

1 March 2022 - Isaiah 45

On of the great preachers of a past generation was converted, when, an unskilled man kept repeating a text from this chapter, that man C.H. Spurgeon.

Foundations for service

8 March 2022 - Isaiah 49:1-18

One of the many cries we hear today is, 'does God hear our prayers?' as people struggle to know God's will. Perhaps it might be better to learn how to listen.

The heart of God revealed

15 March 2022 - Isaiah 52:13-53:12

The middle of chapter 52 give us a picture of someone arriving with a message of good news, for God is about to deliver his people.

Shout for Joy

22 March 2022 - Isaiah 54:1-55:13

Throughout the last few chapters that we have been studying there has been growing, exciting, expected, this portion now brings a release of song and exhortation.

An unfailing Spring

29 March 2022 - Isaiah 58:1-14

One of the problems with which the church has struggled with, is that of balancing their worship with their need to socialise, what does God expect of us if we are to correctly serve him.

Garments of praise

5 April 2022 - Isaiah 61:1-11

We know that God has a constant care for his people, don't we?

The refugees return

26 April 2022 - Isaiah 62:1-12

In the UK we have been privileged for a number of years to be free, and never invaded. But what must it be like to be a refugee, with no settled life?

Forgiveness and revival

3 May 2022 - Isaiah 63:7-64:12

Is it not discouraging to look at the church of God today? We can all remember better times, better Christians, better quality of living Christian experience!

Terror and Glory

10 May 2022 - Isaiah 65:17-66:24

Hope is a life preserving quality. Time and again people who are in great difficulties are sustained, and often survive because they have hope for the future.

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