The sixth vision of Zechariah

Zechariah 5

(Read Zechariah 5)

Through Zechariah 5:1-4 we have recorded the vision of the Flying Scroll.

​​The first five visions are indeed prophecies of hope and glory, that one day Israel would indeed be great and prosperous again, but first both the land and the people must be cleansed from everything that defiled them. This problem of cleansing is the subject matter of this and the next visions.

The prophet turned and saw a flying scroll. The scroll is symbolic of the solemn pronouncements of God, that is God’s message, and the fact of its flying indicates three different truths. Firstly of its unhindered passage as nothing can stop it, secondly it indicates the swiftness of its accomplishment and thirdly the openness of its intention because all could see it. The message it carried was a curse to all law breakers, the soul that sins shall surely die. These three combined would indicate the swiftness and sureness of God’s wrath on the evil doer. The fact that the size of the scrolls is the same as the as that of the Holy Place in the tabernacle, would indicate that the judgement would be in accordance with the measure of the sanctuary. such a measure was considered to be the ultimate in justness and fairness and it would be with God’s judgement, swift yes, sure yes, but always righteous and just.

​This is given to indicate to the people the seriousness of sin in the eyes of God and to teach them the truth about the absolute certainty of the judgement of God on the wicked, with this warning. ​ ​​​Encouragement for the people to shun all that is evil.

Written by G. Stoves Jun 20, 2019