Psalms Overview 3


A third theme for study in the Psalms is doctrine.

Many people seem to be afraid of this word, which to my mind is quite strange, as it simply means a system of teaching of a society, religion or sector that the members adhere to and believe in. There are standard Christian doctrines to be found in the Psalms.

One of these great truths is found in Psalm 2 in the phrase ‘kiss the son’ Psalm 2:10-11. This introduces us to the truth of reconciliation meaning to restore to friendship. Paul in Romans 5:11 reminds us that we have received reconciliation through the Lord Jesus Christ. That is as Christians we have a restored relationship with the God who created us and who became estranged through our sin, Isaiah 55:2. This and many more biblical truths are expressed in the Psalms for our benefit.

Written by G. Stoves Apr 25, 2019