Psalm 97

Psalm 97

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We live in confusing times where the work of God seems to be failing, at least in our western culture, but the writer in this Psalm was convinced, and so should we, about two very important truths.

One is that The Lord Reigns. He is in control of all things, even those who would deny his existence and as such would therefore be classed as enemies. Without understanding they act according to their ideas but in reality they accomplish the Lord’s purposes.

Two is closely linked. For the psalmist is sure that one day those who do not acknowledge the Lord God Almighty will be put to shame and face the just punishment of a just God. As Paul expressed it in Romans 14:11. Every knee shall bow to Him and every tongue confess to God. No buts but they shall acknowledge him.

Written by G. Stoves Mar 29, 2018