Psalm 88

Psalm 88

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One of the most important parts of being a Christian is that every believer is a volunteer in the army of God and we are all involved in spiritual warfare.

Paul tells us of the ongoing conflict, armour and weapons provided in Ephesians chapter six. In Ephesians 6:12 he tells about our adversaries, we fight against a spiritual force, against wickedness in the heavenly places and the whole armour is the battle ground.

Daniel experienced this in his life, Daniel chapter 7, where the messenger who bought the answer to Daniel’s prayer was delayed through the enemy’s agent. Remember Ezekiel upholds Daniel as one the most righteous people of the Old Testament era, Ezekiel 4:14 & 17, and also considered him as a very wise man.

This conflict is the enemies way of turning our hearts away from our complete trust in God. Daniel did not waver. May God help us to not falter but to keep on trusting.

Written by G. Stoves Jan 25, 2018