Psalm 80

Psalm 80

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The writer here uses a word, Revive Psalm 80:18(NASB) that is in vogue these days in certain quarters of the church.

The current prayer of a number of christians is for revival but who wants a rotting corpse to be brought to life again. Let me say that revival has to do, first and foremost, with the church. The idea is to renew the life however there must not only be a renewing of life but the church must be cleansed and the dead wood pruned.

Also believers must become ardent in their faith and evangelical in their practise, otherwise it becomes simply a reform that will turn to nothing. Josiah (2 Kings 23:25-26) destroyed the idols that the people worshiped but within a few years of his death the children of Israel went into captivity.

We must be aware of ‘flash in the pans’ and seek a complete renewal of the church of God, by God.

Written by G. Stoves Nov 30, 2017