Psalm 78

Psalm 78

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The Psalmist here in this Psalm meditates on the wonders of God gracious dealings with the nation of Israel, despite their frequent misdemeanours. Even in the early days of their freedom they soon forgot His greatness and goodness. However there are two items of special interest for us to meditate on.

The first is found in verse two of this Psalm. He says he will open his mouth in parables, yet without understanding that it was a prophetic statement of how Christ would often speak to the multitudes. See Mark 4:10-12

The second exciting announcement is found in the closing verse. Three times he remembers being chosen, look now at what the Lord Jesus said to the disciples in John 15:14. He clearly states that he chooses his disciples, and the purpose of that selection was not to be Christians, but as Christians to go into all the world and bear fruit, with the promise that our fruit would remain.

Written by G. Stoves Nov 16, 2017