Psalm 25

Psalm 25

(Read Psalm 25)

One of the great changes about being a Christian is that we have confidence in knowing God has a plan for our living, a plan for our good, Jeremiah 29:11, this means changes, it is always according to his foreknowledge and always available for us to have.

We need to have a teachable attitude so that God can lead us into the truth and lead us in the right path as the servant of Abraham descendants, Genesis 24:27. If we are open He will lead us. It is important that we have this teachable spirit, the word disciple can equally be translated learner, if we cease to be teachable then we cannot learn and therefore can grow into the likeness of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

There are two other very important requirements that the Psalmist brings to our attention.

Firstly, the necessary quality of humility, the most difficult of the spiritual qualities to define and apply. The harder we try the harder it is, for we must grasp that humility is a divine characteristic.

Secondly, is the fear of the Lord, only those who truly fear Him can enjoy his secrets.

Written by G. Stoves Nov 10, 2016