Psalm 150

Psalm 150

(Read Psalm 150)

The Psalmist bursts forth with an almost ecstatic outpouring of praise. He mentions only two reasons, firstly the greatness of God is immeasurable, and secondly that God’s mighty deeds, which include his redemption work, applies to all believers. Every verse has the word praise and one or a number of musical instruments.

There are a large number of musical styles in our world. In recent years, certainly in this western society, these styles appear to change with each generation, and christian youth will be exposed to these new styles. Given that our world is so diverse it would not surprise us that God is pleased to be praised using any or all of these instruments.

Let us not suffer from an ignorance of the Word of God, especially ignorance of this Psalm. Praise him on stringed instruments as well as many others. Music correctly used is a great aid to us in offering praise to our God.

Written by G. Stoves Apr 4, 2019