Psalm 100

Psalm 100

(Read Psalm 100)

We are the sheep of his pasture, Psalm 100:3. Sometimes we teach the children a song ‘I just want to be a sheep’ but why would we want to be a dumb animal? God, The Lord, is the good shepherd and to be a sheep in his pasture means four things.

Firstly, as was normal in the times of Christ, the shepherd went ahead of the flock and led them into good pasture: we desire to be led by Jesus.

Secondly, the shepherd’s responsibility was to provide and care for the sheep and we too, wish for the Lord to care for us and to provide for our every spiritual need.

Thirdly, when danger threatens us he will protect us. He is the door and no one can enter to harm the sheep. He is the almighty one and is more than capable of keeping us safe.

Fourthly, the sheep know his voice and there is an intimacy of relationship. Surely, as believers, we desire a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Written by G. Stoves Apr 19, 2018