Psalm 113

Psalm 113

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A number of years ago I was enjoying an evangelist’s conference based in Harrogate. We were using a Methodist Hotel/Conference Centre. Also attending was a young man who was an enthusiastic type of character always shouting ‘Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!’. I was rather naughty because one day I stopped him and asked him why? He became silent and could not answer this question. The Psalmist here and in other places exhorts us to ‘Praise the Lord!’ and gives us reasons to praise the Lord.

Firstly he points all his readers to the greatness of God, he notes for us something of God’s might and glory. Secondly he reminds us of God’s wonderful grace. He remind us how God humbled himself to communicated to creatures, high and low, for he is not aloof but a God who walks with us and talks with us along life’s narrow way. Thirdly we see him express Gods goodness, having stooped down to where we are he then lifts us up. As Paul reminds us we sit with Christ in heavenly places, Ephesians 2:16. Fourthly he encourages us to understand that even those who suffer worthless and beneath the notice of many they are not beyond his care and attention.

If we stop and think carefully there are many reasons to ‘Praise the Lord’.

Written by G. Stoves Jul 19, 2018